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26/10/2019 CIC BIM Competition 2020 is Open for Registration! CIC BIM Competition 2020 aims to promote the practical uses of BIM through collaborative and competitive learning approach among 16/06/2019 CIC BIM Competition 2019 Award Presentation

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Eligibility The Certification of BIM Managers is targeted at BIM practitioners who wish to be certified by CIC as BIM managers. Applicants who already have relevant practical experience in BIM, meet the relevant academic and/or professional qualification

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The CIC BIM Standards establish a process for adopting BIM on building and infrastructure projects. Clients, project managers, architects, engineers, surveyors, contractors, manufacturers and facility managers can reference this standard to understand their role

Developed in conjunction with leading industry consultants and trends, BIM training courses offered by the Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC) provide the most relevant and up-to-date information in the market. You’ll learn how to effectively manage

The use of the CIC BIM Standards should ensure that project deliverables produced using the BIM processes achieve an agreed level of quality. The title of the document is renamed from “CIC BIM Standards (Phase One)” to “CIC BIM Standards – General”.

This page acts as noticeboard for upcoming BIM related events in Hong Kong. If your organisation would like to publicise your BIM related events via this page, please send an email with heading “BIM Portal – Your Company Name” to [email protected] at least 3 months

” In recent years, the CIC has been launching a number of initiatives to improve the development of the construction industry. The CIC management selected the eight most influential projects, given the

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BIM Initiatives by Construction Industry Council Ir Kevin POOLE Acting Executive Director, The Airport Authority Hong Kong; Chairman, Committee on Environment, Innovation Contents 2 • About CIC • BIM Adoption in HK and Leading Countries • Roadmap for

建築信息模擬(Building Information Modelling 或簡稱BIM)不單是一種三維繪圖工具,更是嶄新的管理工具,用以整全管理建造工程項目,由籌備階段開始到建造階段以至營運階段的相關資訊。

Technology Adoption The CITF will be used to support technologies (including machinery, equipment and software) with proven effectiveness in boosting productivity, uplifting built quality, improving site safety or enhancing environmental performance, through

To keep you informed of CIC activities and industry developments which may be of interest, the CIC would like to use your personal data, including your name, phone number and email addresses, to update you in relation to training courses, trade testing

本課程就是為希望達成BIM標準要求的你而設。本課程針對樓宇建築事務所的實務訓練,首先學習CIC BIM Standard為課程框架,然後詳細解釋並實戰說明如何應用Revit 及相關工具達到該標準的要求。下半部分會和學員實習以GBP 的標準在Revit實踐其處理要求。

Find out more about the CIC BIM Protocol – the supplementary legal agreement that can be incorporated into contractual documentation establishing obligations, liabilities and limitations on the use of building information models.

We are pleased to announce that our “Global BIM Manager Professional Training” is accredited by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) and we are the FIRST service provider in offering CIC-Accredited BIM Manager course.

BIM Revit課程大綱 BIM Revit Course Outline 單元一Module 1: • BIM用途及優勢BIM Usage and Advantages Revit介面簡介Revit Interface Overview 2D及3D視點操作 2D and 3D View Operations 鎖點簡介 Various Types of Snaps 預設快速鍵Default Shortcuts • 建立

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The CIC BIM Protocol claims to be suitable for use on all Level 2 BIM projects. It can be downloaded from the website of the BIM Task Group, along with two

介紹建築信息模擬Building Information Modelling (BIM) 在建築行業的概念和應用;介紹Revit軟件應用;Revit介面;建立樓層線及網格線 夜間課程: 1) 結業證書 – 出席課程8堂或以上,提交作業並達到要求及考試合格。 2) 聽講證書 – 出席課程8堂或以上。

Digital Solutions The fifth-generation mobile network (5G), Building Information Modelling (BIM), Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality (VR/AR), Internet of Things

是不是 BIM Manager 或 BIM Team Leader 才要報讀 BIM 深造課程 (香港 CIC BIM 標準實踐、EMSD BIM 標準實踐) ?任何團隊都要帶領者和執行者。主管當然有首要責任推動 BIM 項目符合標準要求,但隊員清楚了解並配合運作無疑事半功倍,況且熟練地應用

【 CIC BIM Space 歡迎您 】 近期成日都提起建築信息模擬(BIM),咁其實BIM又係咩嚟呢?BIM呢項嶄新嘅技術,已經發展到規劃設計、投標建造、營運及設施管理等方面,以提升生產力、減低成本,仲可以增加工程效率 。 議會一直都致力推動BIM嘅發展,今日

BIM 教育並不是教授軟件操作,而是教授如何用合適的工具達到你的 BIM 目的。 你可看出不同的課程會達到不同的培訓目標,例如 BIM 深造課程 : 香港 CIC BIM 標準實踐 就不可能是單純的操作教授。 你需要甚麼 BIM

CIC BIM Certification and Accreditation Schemes Certificates Presentation Ceremony was successfully held on 1 August 2019. These schemes were introduced by the CIC which aim to facilitate the healthy development of BIM in Hong Kong, ascertain the

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) publishes Second Edition Building Information Modelling (BIM) Protocol CIC has today published the highly anticipated BIM Protocol Second Edition; the original BIM Protocol was first commissioned by CIC in 2013 as a

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Requirements for the Project and the BIM Execution Plan, both of which are to be produced under PAS 1192. All references to the Information Particulars in the Protocol include these two key documents. In addition, for the Protocol to “work” as intended, where not

The CIC Research Program has developed multiple industry focused guides to assist project teams and organizations to plan for BIM adoption. These guides have been developed in collaboration with many within the industry, and we are deeply indebted to our

Our Global BIM Manager Professional Training Course is accredited by Construction Industry Council (CIC) and we are the FIRST service provider in offering CIC-Accredited BIM Manager course. This course is jointly developed by BSI and HKU and is RTTP fund

The 2018 version of the CIC BIM protocol has generally been well received by the industry. It is now better aligned with PAS 1192, and has taken on board many of the responses to its predecessor. It seems to be acceptable to the major contract publishers too

19/4/2018 · The Construction Industry Council (CIC) has published a new edition of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) Protocol that is more contract-friendly and aligns with BIM information standards. The BIM Protocol, which sets out BIM-related contractual responsibilities, remains the

These new BIM technologies help further improve entire project life cycle at various stage. After the tour, the CIC BIM expert team delivered an excellent presentation on how CIC works to support BIM adoption in Hong Kong, such as holds BIM T

The Role of CIC on BIM Development 1. Mr. Ivan KO Senior Manager Construction Industry Council HKIPM-HKIBIM Joint Conference 2015 BIM in Project Management The Role of CIC on BIM Development 2. 2 Overview • Construction Industry Council

Rob Charlton CIC North East BIM Hub Member The term BIM or Building Information Modelling has been in “general circulation” since around 2006/7. The term has done wonders for moving the construction industry towards a digital revolution. We have benefitted

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CIC established the Building Information Modelling (BIM) Forum to take forward the BIM strategy paper published by the Department of Business Innovation and Skills in June 2011. Chaired by Dale Sinclair (RIBA) the forum is made up of representatives of the

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iv Construction Industry Council CIC/BIM Pro first edition INTRODUCTION & GUIDANCE 2. General principles adopted in the drafting of the Protocol. The following principles have informed the drafting of the Protocol: • The Protocol makes the minimum changes

Students of Architecture Department were awarded 2nd Runners-up and Merit in the Tertiary Student Category of CIC BIM Competition 2019. Organized by Construction Industry Council (CIC), the competition aimed to promote Building Information Modelling (BIM

Construction Industry Council (CIC) aims to be a Centre of Excellence for “Building Information Modelling” (BIM) and promote wider BIM application. 2019 will be named as “CIC BIM Year”, with a year-round campaign aims to draw industry attention and

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Advice from the training/product providers shall always be sought for product enquiries. The Pre-approved Lists are prepared for reference purposes only and are not intended for marketing or advertising purposes. CITF applicants may submit their CITF