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How to use exemplary in a sentence. Example sentences with the word exemplary. exemplary example sentences. Not only so, but the physician, thus fascinated by “types,” and impressed by the silent monumentsof the pathological museum, was led to

Exemplary definition is – deserving imitation : commendable; also : deserving imitation because of excellence. How to use exemplary in a sentence. An exemplary etymology An Exemplary Etymology Since the 1500s, exemplary has been used in English for

1/11/2019 · Exemplary definition: If you describe someone or something as exemplary , you think they are extremely good. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Our law has always been sparing in its use of exemplary damages. Times, Sunday Times (2013) But

In short, she lives a pattern for her sex, unfettered by any romantic and foolish pledges, discharging all the natural duties of her years and station in an exemplary manner, but unwilling to incur any new ones, because she has but one heart, and that was long since

exemplary damages n. often called punitive damages, these are damages requested and/or awarded in a lawsuit when the defendant’s willful acts were malicious, violent, oppressive, fraudulent, wanton, or grossly reckless. Examples of acts warranting exemplary

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Examples of exemplary in a sentence, how to use it. 100 examples: Currently this differentiation is not apparent in our ageing services and that Cambridge Dictionary Plus

exemplary definition: 1. very good and suitable to be copied by other people: 2. An exemplary punishment is severe and. Learn more. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English exemplary ex‧em‧pla‧ry / ɪɡˈzempləri / adjective 1 EXAMPLE excellent and providing a good example for people to follow a company with an exemplary record on environmental issues 2 [only before noun]

29/12/2014 · Exemplary definition, worthy of imitation; commendable: exemplary conduct. See more. Dictionary.com Thesaurus.com Everything After Z Word of the Day Video Word Facts Grammar Crossword Solver Daily Crossword All The Words Slang Emoji Acronyms

Exemplary people excel at what they do and are excellent examples to others. Something exemplary is so good that it is an example for others to follow. When something is the best it can be or reaches the highest point, it is exemplary and thus worth imitating.

Exemplar definition is – one that serves as a model or example: such as. How to use exemplar in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of exemplar. Choose the Right Synonym for exemplar model, example, pattern, exemplar, ideal mean someone or something set

Stemmed from the word ‘ example ‘. If you ‘ re exemplary then people bask in your [greatness]. You ‘ re a [God] in other people ‘ s eyes. Everyone wants to be like you or close to

exemplary definition: The definition of exemplary is an excellent model or example, or a sample worthy person or thing. (adjective) An example of exemplary is a student getting straight A’s. An example of exemplary is a perfectly molded chocolate Easter

perhaps the artist has. Nevertheless, this is a prime example of chiaroscuro. Astronomer by Candlelight, Gerrit Dou (Dutch, 1613 – 1675), late 1650s, From the collection of: The J. Paul Getty Museum Gerrit Dou was a master of the minute, and in this

25/7/2011 · Exemplary example? Does that work? Or is it redundant? Update: Someone just wrote it and I was about to give them a hard time for it, but figured I’d check first. I see it has been used before but I still would say it’s wrong. AND sounds pretty redundant

is that exemplar is (obsolete) exemplary while exemplary is (obsolete) a copy of a book or writing. As nouns the difference between exemplar and exemplary is that exemplar is something fit to be imitated; see ideal and model while exemplary is (obsolete) an

Mrs. Rice is a lady of refinement, exemplary, and much beloved and respected. And I am bound to say he obeyed that order with the most exemplary alacrity. And yet this man has for years been leading a most exemplary life? He sighed and clasped his hands on

‘A person shall merit the conferment of a national honour if the person is a person who exhibited or exhibits exemplary qualities, actions or achievements of heroism, sacrifice, bravery, patriotism or leadership for the defence, benefit or betterment of the country or a

28/9/2019 · [T]ill he infect and poison that age, and spoil that time that he lives in by his exemplary sins, till he be pestis secularis, the plague of that age, peccator secularis, the proverbial sinner of that age, and so be a sinner of a hundred years, till in his actions he have been

These damages are awarded both as a punishment and to set a public example. They reward the plaintiff for the horrible nature of what she/he went through or suffered. Although often requested, exemplary damages are seldom awarded.

Definition of Exemplary something so good that it is an example for others to follow Examples of Exemplary in a sentence When my father retired from his company after fifty years of employment, he received a gold watch for his exemplary service.